It is our responsibility to speak out against racism and justice in our communities and promote equality and justice. This is a message sent to all Cortes employees.

Dear Cortes Construction Family and Friends,

Recent events are a very painful reminder of the consequences of continuing, indisputable racism existing among us.

Our Black community, especially, is hurting. The horrific murder of George Floyd and too many other Black lives unjustly taken from us have struck the world and myself with heartbreak.

At Cortes, we are a community of diversity and equality. Racism, discrimination, or harassment of any kind in our offices and on our job sites is not and will not be tolerated. The matter at hand has made it clear we all must do more.

I commit and ask each and everyone to commit to work diligently to support an inclusive community of support where every single colleague can be their authentic self. Each aspect of our business will be reviewed with a lens of racial equality and make any needed improvements in our company. Cortes will continue to serve its community by partnering with and supporting institutions and organizations that promote our industry to be diverse and equal. We will work harder to understand struggle that not every one of us is dealt and to maintain an atmosphere of dignity, understanding, and mutual respect.

Allow us to reflect on our personal actions and relationships. We must move beyond the belief that quiet support is enough and become an active and accountable ally for equality through actions and voice. Have courage to engage in deeper conversations as we must trust each other to make the needed changes in our company and in our world.

Join me in speaking against racism, injustice, and ignorance. The work we do and progress we make in building a just society will be the most important, lasting, rewarding, and life changing work we will do in our careers. Enough is enough.


Gianni Cortes

Chief Operations Officer

Cortes Construction, Inc.

Cortes Construction, Inc.